About FansTurn

Our Origin:

FansTurn was launched in September 2011, right before week one of the NFL season. The network was created by a passionate sports fan who wanted a turn to have not only his opinion heard, but to give all fans a platform to not only get news, but to also deliver it. FansTurn was founded based on the very idea that the wisdom of crowds would provide better, more in-depth coverage of sports and the important issues related to it, than a few experts would be able to. FansTurn is working on providing a platform for fans to be in control of the reporting, in addition to having a great leadership team for a compensating control to ensure that all reported news is done with quality, accuracy, and integrity.

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Our Mission & Values:

Mission: To cover the sports news that the fans want to read and learn about, and always including the fans opinions and point of view.

Values: We value the fans and their dedication to their favorite sports and teams. Every fan has a valuable opinion on every moment and decision made in sports, and we are committed to making sure that the fans get their turn to be heard, and rewarded for unyielding passion.