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Fun Facts about the NFL That Every Fan Should Know


The start of the New Year is always a good thing for most NFL fans. Not only will they continue watching their favourite sport but they will also start counting down to arguably the biggest sporting event in the world i.e. the Super Bowl. While it is the action on the field of lay which attracts most fans to the NFL, today, we have decided to break away from the action on the field of play for a few moments. Instead, we are going to look into some fun facts about the NFL. Before we start sharing with you the fun facts, there is one ‘fact’ that we would want to share first i.e. it’s now possible to place bets on NFL matches due to the legalization of sports betting in the US. To start your sports betting adventure, you will need some funds but if you don’t have much to bet with, you can simply play the highly profitable usa mega millions to earn more than you bargained for.

The NFL is a non-profit Organization!

Yes, you heard that right, the NFL is a non-profit organization! For all the talk about the commercialization of the Super Bowl and the like, in reality, it’s just bar talk. The NFL does not take any profits from hosting such matches. All that the organization does is to ensure that you the fans enjoy the sport that you love without getting ripped off by some unscrupulous and greedy money mongers. One thing to note though is that the NFL does need money to operate (pay its staff and the like) thus it only takes a small chunk of money from what is generated on match days.

Realigning the NFC

The NFL as we know it today was different in days gone by. The new NFL came about after the old NFL merged with the AFL. However, after all the requisite papers had been sorted out, the two parties (to the merger) could not agree on a name to be given to the new ‘creature’ (for business purposes, the NFL was to be retained as its brand had become a global brand, however in order to incorporate AFL in terms of granting the new creature formed by the merger a legal persona, a new name was sought). After long deliberations, five options came out on top. From the five, it was decided that PeteRoselle’s secretary was to pick one name from the five in a (hat) shuffle; the secretary picked the NFC name and as such, the NFC came into existence!

Longest Post Season Victory Drought

For most teams, the offseason is regarded as a time of getting the team in shape, for managers to get their message across to the players and for the whole club to adequately prepare for the upcoming season. Largely, most teams do not attach much significance to the results of off-season matches. However, be that as it may, it’s always a great thing when a team wins its matches be it when playing regular season games or off-season games. For one team, in particular, i.e. the Arizona Cardinals, this was not the case for over 50 years as the team failed to win a single offseason game from 1947 up to 1998!

Gambling With Atlanta Falcons in 2018

ATLANTA, GA - SEPTEMBER 17: Devonta Freeman #24 of the Atlanta Falcons celebrates after scoring a 1-yard rushing touchdown during the first quarter against the Green Bay Packers at Mercedes-Benz Stadium on September 17, 2017 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

Some person from days long gone once said that “every morning we get to start life afresh.” Whether this is wisdom or madness is totally a matter of opinion. However, the new football season is an opportunity for everyone to excel. That is the beauty of sport. The sporting beings often surprise us by going where others have not yet.

Pushing The Barriers

When the chips are down at acepokies online pokies , it is time to implement strategies to recover. The reality that every gambler knows is that each bet they lose adds to their knowledge pool. This is also the case with sports betting.

As the Atlanta Falcons prepare for the start of the season there is a lot of hype. Everyone is watching everything very closely. The analysts are analyzing the analysis’ and they are getting more analytical as the days pass.

This has been normal for many years. All this information gives us the information that we use to come up predictions on how the teams will play. Ultimately it is all hogwash.  The actual performance of a team has been proven to be more than the sum of players or technical staff who come or go.

The Passion

Passion is an essential energy that is drives sporting teams to success. The Atlanta Falcons enjoy a health stream of this energy that is transferred freely between the fans, the team and even Freddie Falcon.

More than the passion is the thrill of watching the game with a ticket in hand. With the online gambling revolution that is taking over the world maybe that ticket might not be as we are used to, for more visit . And see why so many people enjoy real money betting.

It really does not matter where you are watching the Falcons from. Watching the game live at home in the Mercedes-Benz Stadium or on a mobile smartphone in a remote region is just a little more exciting when your bet is riding on the Falcons winning. Nothing steers up passion like the prospect of making money or losing it.

8 Facts Every Football Fan Should Know


Sports are a big deal in the United States, and football seems to have taken the lead role in terms of popularity. As it became the new ‘American pastime’, football began attracting fans from other countries all over the world. Nowadays, there are millions of fans eagerly waiting to watch their favorite teams and players face their opponents on the gridiron.

However, being a faithful fan often demands something more than yelling at the TV screen every time your favorite team loses the ball. In fact, one of the main characteristics of passionate football fans is their ability to pull out all kinds of fun facts and trivia about the teams, coaches or even the mascots. Nowadays, you are able to visit website statistic pages and analyze your way to some fun facts, or simply read on to build up on player and team-related trivia and dazzle your friends with your wisdom at the next game night.

  1. Before 1906, the ‘forward pass’ was considered illegal, and most game strategies consisted of the ball carrier smashing into the opposing team players. This, naturally, led to all kinds of injuries and even a few deaths, provoking the US president at the time, Mr. Teddy Roosevelt to threaten to ban the game altogether. In order to prevent this, certain changes to the rulebook were made and the forward pass was introduced as a regular move.
  2. A full NFL season can require up to 600 cows in order to meet the need for footballs throughout the games. Thus, it has been estimated that a cow in the US has about 1:17,420,000 odds of becoming the football used in the NFL Super Bowl game.
  3. In 1939, quarterback Frank Filchock set a unique record by throwing a 99-yard touchdown pass in a game against his former team, the Pirates. What is special about this record is that there is no possibility to surpass it, only match it, but Filchock will remain remembered as the first one to do it.
  4. NFL cheerleaders are surprisingly underpaid, as their salary amount is estimated around $80-$120 per game appearance. Moreover, they still have expenses regarding dance practice, costume maintenance, hair and makeup, and end up losing more money than they earn.
  5. Speaking of money, the National Football League consists of 32 teams, each with an estimated market value of approximately $1 billion. Due to such discrepancy between the figures, many of them have received official law suits from individual cheerleaders.
  6. The Baltimore Ravens got their name after Edgar Allan Poe’s famous poem “The Raven”, which he wrote during his stay in Baltimore in the 1930s.

  7. The oldest football stadium that is still in a functional state is located in Chicago – the Soldier Field.

  8. The Super Bowl is the second-ranked day of the year in terms of food consumption in the US, while Thanksgiving is the first-ranked. Chicken wings, chips and guacamole are most common food options, while beer is the predominant drink of choice – around 50 million cases are drank each Super Bowl weekend.

Can the New England Patriots Slow the Atlanta Falcons Offense Down?


Matt Ryan” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Keith Allison

On paper, this could be a Super Bowl for the ages. We’ve got the New England Patriots’ number one defense going up against the star-studded Atlanta Falcons offense – a mouth-watering contest to say the least.

Furthermore, Bill Belichick will pit his wits against Dan Quinn in the showpiece event once again. In 2015, Quinn was defensive coordinator of the Seattle Seahawks in one of the greatest Super Bowl matches of all times. Belichick and Brady came up trumps on that occasion as Malcolm Butler made an incredible play to stop the Seahawks on the 1-yard line.

Quinn’s defense did their utmost to stop Brady & Co on that occasion but they fell agonizingly short – and the Falcons’ head coach will be determined to make amends on a personal level. Meanwhile, a maiden championship for Atlanta should be enough to get their 53-man roster motivated to show up on the biggest stage of all.

Statistically, the Falcons have the best offensive unit in the NFL and it would take a brave man to argue against Atlanta on current form. Quarterback Matt Ryan has had an MVP-caliber season and the likes of aggressive running back Devonta Freeman, stud wide receiver Julio Jones and emerging threat Taylor Gabriel will keep the Patriots defense guessing from start to finish.

Many believe the key to this contest is stopping Jones but defensive coordinator Matt Patricia knows that stopping the Falcons star completely is out of the question. Instead, the Patriots may attempt to bring pressure to Ryan on a regular basis in a bid to force him out of the pocket. Ryan led the NFL with a passer rating of 117.1 – an incredible figure. To put his achievements this year into perspective, his next best rating total is 99.1 from back in 2012.

Given time, Ryan has the ability to pick apart this New England defense. For the Patriots, the collective unit has always been bigger than the sum of its parts and Belichick will have a plan to combat this potent Atlanta offense.

The Falcons have scored 30+ points in seven of their last eight games; scoring 28 in the other. Holding Atlanta to field goals and forcing three-and-out drives will be the key to New England’s chances of a fifth Super Bowl ring.

As of January 31st, Atlanta are priced at 23/17 with 888sport to win the showpiece event in Houston and it will come down to their offensive talent on the day. If Patricia and Belichick get it right, the Falcons may struggle.

New England’s system is unique in the sense that they always seem to keep studs quiet but it is almost impossible to keep everybody on this Atlanta offense out of the game. If you focus on Jones, the running game opens up for Freeman. By the same token, bringing line-backers and safeties up should help Jones to get loose…

Julio Jones” (CC BY 2.0) by Thomson20192

This will be the sixth time in Super Bowl history that the top-ranked defense faces the top-ranked offense. In the previous five, defense has won four times – with Joe Montana’s San Francisco 49ers the lone exception.

Cast your minds back to the Super Bowl in February 2014; Peyton Manning and the Broncos were ripped to shreds by Quinn’s “Legion of Boom” defense in Seattle. Let’s hope that Atlanta bring their A-game and neutrals could witness one of the most exciting and entertaining Super Bowl contests of all times.

The History of Football


The history of football is as captivating as the game itself. Its origins are shrouded in mystery and controversy. From the earliest days of the game issues relating to rules have been up for debate. Conflicts in method of play have led to the different versions of the game available today. The most popular version are soccer, Rugby and American football. All three formats of the game originated from the very same game and same location. Well at least the contemporary origins.

People have been kicking balls around for more than a thousand years. Although the game was played differently in many parts of the world the use of the ball was universal. From the Chinese version of Tsu Chu which used a leather ball to the English equivalent which used an inflated animal bladder. Surprisingly in all early formats of the game a level of trickery was required.

At several stages it was outlawed in England by the Kings of the time. Kings Edward II, Edward III and Henry IV all outlawed the game at some stage of their reigns. The reason for being outlawed was that the game had become so popular that people where no longer practising for war. And this was during war times. Today it is the other way round, wars are being stopped to play a bit of football. This should bring a lot of hope to online gambler who gamble at iGaming sites such as The activity which is still outlawed in some countries has gained tremendous popularity. Online gambling’s growing fan base is primarily because of the huge real money jackpots on offer.

Only in the last two centuries did the sport start to develop consistent rules. This was in the 1800’s in England. The formalization of the sport began with the major public schools. It was out of this regularization that Rugby was also birthed. Why a section of the society choose Rugby and not soccer has been lost in History.

The American version of football was officially born in 1869. This was with a match between Princeton University and Rutgers. Initially the teams had 20 players each and the greatly resembled Rugby. From then on until today football has continued to evolve.

Vying To Remain Unbeaten, Bengals Host Chiefs In Very Affordable Week 4 Affair At Paul Brown Stadium

photo cred:

Generally always considered a good regular season team under longtime head coach Marvin Lewis, the 3-0 Cincinnati Bengals are showing early signs this year that they may be on the verge of breaking new ground in 2015. Of course, we won’t find that out until months later, when the Bengals hope to finally win a playoff game, but in the meantime, they can continue to work towards securing a first-round bye if they keep winning at their current rate. They’ll have a fine opportunity to remain undefeated when they welcome the Kansas City Chiefs into Paul Brown Stadium on Sunday for their Week 4 contest.

Clearly, the Bengals will be entering their next game with the utmost confidence, being on of the few unbeaten teams in the league remaining. The Chiefs, meanwhile, have lost two in a row after beating the Houston Texans in their season opener. No matter which way this one leans, fans from both sides are getting an outstanding deal in terms of being able to attend the game, as tickets to see the Chiefs and Bengals go at it in a key AFC showdown are averaging only $122.19 on the secondary market, according to Furthermore, the get-in price is just $53. This is terrific value, since Cincinnati Bengals tickets are averaging $149.90 on the year, making this one of their least expensive games throughout the season.

Andy Dalton has been completely ablaze for the Bengals, who have made the playoffs every season he’s been under center, but suddenly look like a seriously dangerous squad. Dalton’s rise has been a huge reason why, as he’s enjoyed three top-shelf performances to start the season. The emergence of would-be scat-back Giovani Bernard has helped, as Bernard’s all-purpose talent has made up for normal starting running back Jeremy Hill’s inconsistency to begin the campaign. Additionally, tight end Tyler Eifert has also been healthy and quite the handful for opposing defenses, which has also made life easier on Dalton and the offense. Should those three players keep up their quality play, Cincy should have little trouble dispatching the Chiefs and moving to 4-0 on the year.

The Bengals undoubtedly enter Week 4 as the favorites over the visiting Chiefs, getting to play a team that’s in a bit of a rough patch within the friendly confines of Paul Brown Stadium. Logic suggests Dalton’s torrid run keeps up, but the Chiefs do have the talent on defense to switch things up and force the Bengals into some mistakes. Justin Houston, for instance, is one of the best pass-rushing linebackers in all of football, and did lead the league in sacks only a season ago. Kansas City also has their best offensive unit in years, spearheaded by the trio of Travis Kelce, Jamaal Charles, and Jeremy Maclin. As a result, the Bengals cannot take their opponent this week lightly, and if they can approach this affair the same way they did in the prior three contests, odds are they’ll remain amongst the ranks of the NFL’s unbeaten.

Giants Versus Cowboys: Pat Lamb Predicts


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Giants Roster Mystery Solved? Markus Kuhn


See more of comedian/cartoonist Pat Lamb’s work on his web site

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Giants Trade Winds: Reese Should Move James Jones


The Giants are not the only team that suffered injuries during this preseason. The Carolina Panthers lost wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin to a torn ACL last week, while the Green Bay Packers will be without wide receiver Jordy Nelson in 2015 due to the same injury. Benjamin suffered his injury during a training camp practice, while Nelson collapsed while planting his leg to turn up field following a catch in the Packers preseason game yesterday afternoon with the Pittsburgh Steelers. While these injuries are unfortunate, they create an opportunity for Jerry Reese, who has a surplus of wide receivers and needs along the offense line and in the secondary.

With Odell Beckham, Victor Cruz, Rueben Randle, Dwayne Harris, and Geremy Davis on the roster, the Giants are stacked at wide receiver. Tom Coughlin is also fond of veteran Preston Parker, and Corey Washington, while not performing at as high a level as he did in the 2014 preseason, has enough talent to warrant another season of development. Veteran James Jones leads the team this preseason with 7 receptions for 94 yards and demonstrated that he has plenty of gas left in his tank. He’s a luxury to the Giants, and one they can afford to trade. As a veteran receiver familiar with the Packers offense, he would have particular value to Green Bay, but shopping him to both wide receiver needy teams would be prudent.

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Five Things We Learned From The Jaguars Game


A Win is A Win

Even in the Preseason, winning is preferable to losing. The Giants played better on both offense and defense, beating the Jaguars by a final score of 22-12. Ryan Nassib threw for 217 yards and a touchdown, and James Jones caught 5 passes for 83 yards, as the Giants outscored Jacksonville 13-3 after halftime. It was a costly victory for the Giants, as another five players were lost to injury, including linebacker Jon Beason and safety Bennett Jackson, both with sprained knees. Mark Herzlich suffered a concussion on the opening kickoff, linebacker Tony Johnson suffered a knee injury, and rookie safety Justin Currie broke his ankle. Fourteen players did not suit up, and while many were precautionary and would have played if this were a regular season game, injuries are becoming a concern again for this Giants team.

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