Fun Facts about the NFL That Every Fan Should Know


The start of the New Year is always a good thing for most NFL fans. Not only will they continue watching their favourite sport but they will also start counting down to arguably the biggest sporting event in the world i.e. the Super Bowl. While it is the action on the field of lay which attracts most fans to the NFL, today, we have decided to break away from the action on the field of play for a few moments. Instead, we are going to look into some fun facts about the NFL. Before we start sharing with you the fun facts, there is one ‘fact’ that we would want to share first i.e. it’s now possible to place bets on NFL matches due to the legalization of sports betting in the US. To start your sports betting adventure, you will need some funds but if you don’t have much to bet with, you can simply play the highly profitable usa mega millions to earn more than you bargained for.

The NFL is a non-profit Organization!

Yes, you heard that right, the NFL is a non-profit organization! For all the talk about the commercialization of the Super Bowl and the like, in reality, it’s just bar talk. The NFL does not take any profits from hosting such matches. All that the organization does is to ensure that you the fans enjoy the sport that you love without getting ripped off by some unscrupulous and greedy money mongers. One thing to note though is that the NFL does need money to operate (pay its staff and the like) thus it only takes a small chunk of money from what is generated on match days.

Realigning the NFC

The NFL as we know it today was different in days gone by. The new NFL came about after the old NFL merged with the AFL. However, after all the requisite papers had been sorted out, the two parties (to the merger) could not agree on a name to be given to the new ‘creature’ (for business purposes, the NFL was to be retained as its brand had become a global brand, however in order to incorporate AFL in terms of granting the new creature formed by the merger a legal persona, a new name was sought). After long deliberations, five options came out on top. From the five, it was decided that PeteRoselle’s secretary was to pick one name from the five in a (hat) shuffle; the secretary picked the NFC name and as such, the NFC came into existence!

Longest Post Season Victory Drought

For most teams, the offseason is regarded as a time of getting the team in shape, for managers to get their message across to the players and for the whole club to adequately prepare for the upcoming season. Largely, most teams do not attach much significance to the results of off-season matches. However, be that as it may, it’s always a great thing when a team wins its matches be it when playing regular season games or off-season games. For one team, in particular, i.e. the Arizona Cardinals, this was not the case for over 50 years as the team failed to win a single offseason game from 1947 up to 1998!


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